Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Recessionary news from the Vuelta de Bisbee

You may remember that I posted to my blog last April from the public library in Bisbee, Arizona, a cool, hilly old mining town near the border with Mexico and an hour or so from Tucson.

I have worked (on my motorcycle) at the annual Vuelta de Bisbee bicycle stage race for the last six or seven years, I guess. I ride to Bisbee from home. The race pays for my lodging. I help out in a bicycle road race or two. I visit with old friends.

When it's over, I ride to Silver City, New Mexico, for the Tour of the Gila, a longer, tougher event. All seems to be well with that race.

I've just heard that because of low entry numbers, the promoter of the Bisbee event will not be able to put me up for the three days. This is certainly the economic downturn creeping into the lives of many of us who've been Vuelta regulars.

This year's race begins on Friday, April 24th. As the days pass and the race grows closer, I'll let you know about my itinerary. I was surely looking forward to seeing old Tucson friends in Bisbee.

Maybe I'll go to Bisbee anyway for part or all of race weekend. More news as it breaks....

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