Thursday, April 16, 2009

Another NY Times urban cycling article - from the Style Section. Curious, isn't it?

This is a lovely piece about people who would've in the past not pedaled to work, but are now doing so in fine style in fine expensive clothes on fine expensive Dutch bicycles. 

I should be happy about this, right? I should welcome these folks and their $275 button-down shirts and postman's bikes into the life, correct? 

Why does it bother me? It's just me, isn't it....? 

Be sure to watch the slide show, thank you.


geoffrey said...

no. it's not just you.
poseurs on electras throwing a tantrum around others who dare to break a sweat in their presence do similar to me too. that said these children of the fog may even assimilate a sustainable lifestyle if subjected to something other than hummers as vehicles of ascendancy. more pics of the pres on a bike saying intelligent things may jolt the fogborne into thinking for themselves.
bicycles are for transportation. hummers are for killing.

jthurber80 said...

At least they're riding. You CAN wear a nice shirt and tie under your biking jacket (which I do) and toss on the trousers @ the office.

That way you can avoid the ODBI (overweight dutch bike issue) and enjoy the ride.

Anonymous said...

If those folks think it's stylish to ride a bicycle dressed in their finery, kudos to them! A lot of them probably would otherwise call the "car service" and get delivered in a gas-guzzling limo. If they can cause more folks to get on bikes it's a good thing no matter what actually motivates them as long as they're riding 'em and not hauling them in to the office in the back of their "Humbler" or Chevrolet "Subdivision" just to pose on them!

Earle said...

Jeez, Maynard, between you and Tamar, how may different two-wheelers do you own and ride? Lighten up. I'm sure there are thumper purists out there who sneer at anything made in Japan no matter how few cylinders it has.
You sometimes sound like those fixie kids you sneer at so knowingly.

cyclotourist said...

Best description: "Fashion disguised as practicality."

cyclotourist said...

'Nother good response (less acerbic)