Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday in Silver City and Lance is here!

So there was substance to the rumor that Lance Armstrong intended to race the Tour of the Gila! He was seen pre-riding the time trial course today and his presence has caused ripples in the normally placid pool of the event. Seems his team wanted him to be in Europe, riding some insignificant event, but Lance wanted to be here in SW New Mexico riding the Tour of the Gila!

Because of high level racing politics, because some races are Pro Tour events and some are not, and because Lance is here with only two teammates, I hear, other teams have had to send some of their riders home...or to other races elsewhere. We'll see tomorrow how it all looks when the dust settles.

I'm in a nice hotel this year and I'm in the lobby on the hotel computer. I'll try to post to my blog from here or from the charming Silver City Library. The trip down seemed long, I gotta say. I did see a mother or father wolf and two cubs on the shoulder of I-25, and I saw three deer on the narrow, technical road between the interstate and Silver City.

Lots of old friends here, fun reunions.... More from cosmopolitan Silver City tomorrow!


Dan Brekke said...

I'm envious, Maynard. I made my mini-trek through New Mexico a couple weeks too soon.

coreyl said...

Hey Maynard, Glad to see you made it down there in one piece. I heard about Lance, Levi and Chris being allowed to ride yesterday. Should be interesting. Lance is a stud to be back in competition so soon after the surgery. Stay in touch...