Friday, April 17, 2009

Tyler Hamilton expected to retire after still another positive...

Here's the fine Charles Pelkey piece from VeloNews Online. If you're a race fan and don't know Tyler, you suspect that justice is finally served. He got what he deserved.

If you do know Tyler, you know that this is a sad day indeed. 

Before noon Denver time, VeloNews announced that Tyler Hamilton had in fact retired. 


David S said...

I think Tyler has a real opportunity here to grow beyond his current limits. I hope he finds a way to navigate the next chapters in his life. I look forward to hearing about him in a completely different world than bicycle racing. I think he can do it!

Anonymous said...

I hope Hamilton gets some real help for his depression. Cheater or not, it would be another sad tragedy for cycling if he ends up like Pantani, Jimenez, and others who have taken their own lives after their cycling careers were over.