Thursday, April 2, 2009

The five worst bicycle films ever...and that's a long time

Here, from the St Cloud State University Chronicle, is a list of movies the author, Jack Hennes, feels are the five worst cycling films of all time, and the reasons they made his list.

After our Breaking Away love-fest last week, I figured we'd give Jack Hennes equal time. Even if a few of us won't agree with him.


Amy said...

Meh. I still love "American Flyers".

Khal said...

Good grief. How can anyone crap on Breaking Away? I wonder how many kids have pushed themselves beyond anerobic threshold while thinking about Mendelssohn's Italian (4th Symphony) while sprinting to keep up with an eighteen wheeler. I sure did.

Sounds like those St. Cloud student journalists need a quick dip in the nearest flooded Cold Spring Granite quarry to clear their heads. That is, if Cold Spring Granite hasn't been bought out by the Chinese.

richard said...

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Larry said...


I agree with the bad cycling movie list EXCEPT for Breaking Away. I always thought American Flyers was simply awful but BA is a good film on many levels even if you know little or nothing about cycling. I think the Best Screenplay award means something, I don't remember American Flyers or Waterworld winning ANYTHING!