Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Weds afternoon, Silver City, tired blogger

As you will all know, Levi won the stage today, a flattish stage for this race with a 10mi climb at the end. Typically, a break will go up the road but is absorbed on the climb as if it never happened.

I wasn't there to see the finish, but I was told that Levi jumped away from the front group (just being there is hard work for an elite rider) and won alone. Lance, before you ask, was eighth. I met reporters today from Cyclingnews and VeloNews, and I'd trust their reports before I would trust mine. Strictly hearsay.

I worked with Denverite Steve Donovan on the motor; all went well. We represented SRAM, the outfit that provides support at this race and many others - and that stepped in to sponsor the Tour of the Gila at nearly the last moment. Probably the race would have gone on, but on a smaller scale and with a reduced prize list.

I saw Lance today on his bike but he is not to be found before or after races. He is spirited away after events and appears just before the starting gun. He and Chris Horner and Levi are riding in Mello Johnny jerseys, if I've spelled the store name correctly. Lance is accompanied by his personal photographer, I'm told, and we have TV filming here for the first time ever.

US cycling is a different place in the Lance era - which evidently is not yet over. We used to have 125-rider elite fields here and no TV; now we have Lance here and it's a media frenzy. No kidding.

I'm exhausted, I'm afraid. I think I'm going to try to take a nap. More later, I promise....

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