Thursday, April 2, 2009

With Screech, Smoke...and handmade messenger bags: an email invitation forwarded to us by James Mason

[ english text below ]


...eröffnet OBST&GEMÜSE seine Kuriertaschen Manufaktur und
den Fixedgear/Singlespeed Shop im Herzen von Kleinbasel.
Ab 10 Uhr steht unser Tor für euch offen. Es gibt Schönes für
Schnelles, Textiles und Modulares.

Zu GRILL&BEER fährt das Alleycat durch die blaue Stunde
und trifft auf Balkan-Beats. Wir feiern die Nacht mit GORAN
POTKONJAK (ZH) und freuen uns mit euch, dass der Frühling

Enjoy the ride!
Jacky / Andrea / Michel72 / RetoZ



...OBST & GEMUSE will be opening their shop of handmade messenger bags and
fixedgear/singlespeed bikes in the heart of Little Basel.
From 10 a.m. on, our doors will be open to you. There will be fine things
for the quick, textiles and modular components. (note from blogger: "quick?")

To complement our BBQ & BEER, participate in our Alleycat ride at dusk
followed by the sounds of Balkan-Beats. We will party the night away with
GORAN POTKONJAK (ZH), and look forward to celebrating the coming of Spring
with you.

Enjoy the ride!
Jacky / Andrea / Michel72 / RetoZ

When: Saturday, 4.4.2009 from 10am

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Earle said...

Maynard, I know you are down on the current lot of "fixie" riders, but you ARE old enough to remember a time when fixed gear training was de rigeur in the early season. I like to joke with the youngsters that among the people who taught me about fixed gear training, I'm a newbie. I didn't ride a fixed gear for training and commuting until 1977!
Who knows? Maybe some youngster with a Chrome bag and no brakes will turn out to be the next Lance.