Wednesday, April 15, 2009

further clarification of my Scott Addict praise

Per my friend Earle's comment, I did not and do not maintain that a bike like the Scott Addict could be one's only bicycle. It's what we would have called, back when, a "road bike." A road bike in those days was not merely a bike intended for paved surfaces; you didn't call a touring bike a road bike.

A road bike was suited for use in road races.

No one at Scott, and you can correct me if you suspect I'm wrong, envisions an Addict as a commute bike or errand-runner. One carefully selected bike may serve for all seasons, but it probably isn't made of carbon fiber and probably doesn't cost as much as a two-year old Mini.

Given the Scott's limitations, and all bikes have them, it sure was a pleasure to ride. 

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