Friday, April 17, 2009

Tim Neenan, Lighthouse Cycles...on the web!

I'm delighted to provide this link to the brand new Lighthouse Cycles web site. I've known Tim Neenan for 30 years and ridden one of his bikes for nearly 20. That's a vote of confidence, right?

The site is a work in progress. If you check in there every so often, you'll see it evolve as Tim's business evolves.

Tim and his bikes deserve the highest possible recommendation. If you yearn to love your bike and its builder, if buying bikes off of hooks in shops has lost its luster, get next to Tim Neenan. 

Like the highest mountain passes, he's sui generis - beyond categorization. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Maynard,

Did you take delivery of the new Lighthouse bike for your lady friend? How does she ride?



Maynard said...

Hi Stephen!
Your comment comes to me without an email address so I can't write you directly. Tamar loves her Lighthouse; it's light blue and lovely to look at. She is delighted with the ride and the fit. I can't believe you could go wrong with one of Tim's bikes.
Thanks for writing, Maynard