Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Nyah, nyah - the prequel

Here's what funny about the following post: 

Earlier this morning, before I went to Turin and rode that lovely new bike, Peter Kelley and I (he's my editor at Classic Motorcycle Mechanics, subtitled "the best bikes of the '70s and '80s,") had a terrific exchange of emails about how much more fun we had on the charming, primitive motorcycles and empty, lightly policed roads of yesteryear. 

He and I both rode Velocette Venoms in the early-mid-'60s and we still thrill at how glorious were the days and the bikes. Oh, and they were...

Nevertheless, that Scott was terrific to ride, as hard as that may be to hear. 

Progressive development brought your favorite Whatever to its time as the hot setup. That development did not stop when they quit producing your Whatever model. 

I don't care about the magic shifting and I don't have any feelings about carbon fiber yea or nay. Nevertheless - nice bike that Scott...

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