Thursday, April 23, 2009

What Jim saw at Peet's

My Bay Area buddy Jim chatted over coffee with a guy riding one of these. Equipped with SRAM Red pieces, it was roughly as expensive as a SmartCar. But only seated one....

Please note that posting this link is not a recommendation or a condemnation. I've never seen one of these things. I thought you might enjoy looking at the photos - for whatever reasons.


David S said...

I like a clean bike. That is, once I begin the process I like it. AFTER getting the brushes, degreaser, bucket etc... I actually enjoy the transformation from dirty to shiny.

And the process of cleaning is important because I can catch a worn this or loose that before a bigger problem arises.

Even so, I procrastinate because who really likes the thought of doing all that scrubbing. I can get away with one more ride on a grimy bike.

But this, whatever it is frame (isotruss,) looks like a f*&^ing nightmare to keep clean. Not only would I need to clean the grime off the outside, but now I would have to clean the inside of the "tubes" as well.

Clever monkeys we are, though, coming up with these(in this case bizarre) ideas.

earle said...

I can imagine that the ride is what it is supposed to be, but I cannot imagine how fragile the frame must be in real-world conditions. Bike vs. bike rack? I'd give the bike rack a KO in that fight.

Khal said...

Looks like beautiful art work, but practicality?