Sunday, March 29, 2009

In Bloomington, Breaking Away's credits never roll

As a few of you will know, I was raised in Indianapolis and tried futilely to go to school in Bloomington (Indiana University) in 1960. I enjoyed the town if not my classes, and stayed in Bloomington until 1966.

While there, I don't believe I ever threw a leg over a bicycle but evidently there was a thriving cycling scene - as represented in the movie Breaking Away.

Here's an article from a magazine called American Profile, about the movie, some of its stars and its refusal, in that terrific little Midwestern college town, to fade quietly away.


Richmond Roadie said...

Thanks for the link! I absolutely love that movie, so do my kids! I can't see any of those actors and not think of "Breaking Away".

I love the scenes where he's prepping his bike for the race. The music and shot of him trueing his wheels- good stuff!

Didn't they try to make a TV show?

theschnitz said...

Breaking Away is one the the few movies I "own." I can watch it anytime. (Oh wait, my VCR broke a year ago. Do they make those anymore?)
When I ride my '80s Masi GC, images from the movie flash through my mind. (Quick, here comes the Cinzano truck.)
Glad to know Breaking Away's influence persists in Indiana and elsewhere.