Friday, March 27, 2009

David Schnitzer's Jalachichi "Camps"

My buddy David Schnitzer lives in Seattle but was raised in Santa Barbara, on the Central Coast of California. He and I and Tim Neenan of Lighthouse Cycles in Santa Ynez, another lovely Central Coast town, are old, dear friends.

Schnitz organizes cycling camps based around a motel in rural Los Alamos, not far from Buellton, Santa Ynez and Solvang (the faux Danish town) in the Santa Ynez Valley. That valley, according to people-who-should-know, may be the best place in the US to ride a bicycle. Maybe not only in the US.

The Saturn team used to hold its early season camps there as did Motorola and the Postal Service. Watch this slide show - of Schnitz's second '09 camp, just ended. Schnitz ran the first '08 Jalachichi camp in February during the Amgen Tour of California. Campers spectated at the Tour's time trial stage in Solvang.

If you love to ride your bike on rolling, scenic country roads, some of the shots you'll see in this array will take your breath away. Trust me.

Here's a link to Schnitz's Jalachichi Cycling Camps site.


cyclotourist said...

I just spent a few days in Los Olivos and can independently confirm that it is great up there! A touch precious with the increased wine economy, but that's mostly ok. I think I need to bring a bike with me next time!

David S said...

How very nice of you to post this. We had 20 very happy people. Folks came from Alaska, Alberta, Ontario, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, California, Washington and Oregon. Some of the same folks you met a few years ago. They keep coming back for more! Chef Jesper at Cafe Quackenbush cooked up superb breakfasts all week. Figueroa Mtn. was blooming vigorously. So many great rides in one place.

Tim has new Anvil jigs on the way. I still have the cast head badge from my '70's Lighthouse. Hard not to imagine it on a new frame.

Thanks dude!

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