Thursday, March 5, 2009

Is this the idea?

This link will take you to motorcycle magazine Web Bike World's test of a new reflective and illuminated outer jacket. It looks suspiciously bicycle-y. 

It seemed to me that if you have a flat black fixie with flat black chain, hubs, rims, bars and stem, seat post and cranks, if you have taken the brakes and reflectors off and never mounted lights, if you never shave or smile and ride day/night in an old watch cap and earthen-hued wool castoffs, if you've sanded the new off your saddle, you'd never wear this thing. I wouldn't either. We're so alike, you and I...

Here's the link

Added later: As you will note, I got a comment from Jon suggesting that I somehow "get over" my resentment toward fixie riders. Taking the comment to heart, I reread my post, failing as I did so to detect anger expressed directly or subtly therein. I had to conclude that Jon may be reacting too sensitively to my sympathetic portrait of urban America's cool kids. 

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Jon said...

Man. Maynard, you need to get over your bitter resentment of fixed-gear riders. it's beneath you.