Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Preaching to the choir, and not for the first time...

Here's a link, fresh from the pages of the NY Time Online, about the oppressive cost of car ownership vs other transport options. Read down a few 'graphs and learn of blessed relief, offered cheap (relatively) at your local bike shop!



jacquie phelan said...

hello Maynard... yes, that is a good story (Preaching to the Kwire)
I have a special request: can you dig up (and send, if you can find it)
yr file "When The Ice Broke" (or was it melted?)...yr story about how we got to talkin'..? for your unofficial site (which is lovely)
If not, I 'll probably take a photo and send it to them to figure out..
PS have you time to read my blogette?
you'll like the oldest ones, the Scotland ones in Sept 07, when I just learned how to blog. Cheers 2 U & T.

jthurber80 said...

In the Bay Area most car owners spend a lot more then $8 grand a year on their vehicles. The streets are littered with brand new SUV's and Jaguars, all depreciating like mad. The cost of gasoline is anticipated to skyrocket when the State and Federal Government figure out they need a REAL gasoline tax (probably over $2 a gallon).

I own a 10 year old car and it still costs me an arm and a leg (a Honda Civic). The first year I rode my bicycle to work I saved over $4,000 in expenses. That will pay for one heck of a nice road bike.

I own two bicycles and the Civic and loan the car out a great deal of the time. Do I miss it. Absolutely no way, whatsoever.