Friday, March 6, 2009

When I want to know something about bicycling, I ask Rush Limbaugh. Don't you?

No need for any comment from me. Here's the link.


jthurber80 said...

Rush merely reflects some views held by non-bikers. Remember that when you're riding along next to a bunch of parked cars and . . . . . it would be nice if Rush were a biker himself.

My question is: "What kind of bicycle would be capable of holding Rush?" I'm sure somebody at Co-Motion or Independent Fabrication might be able to come up with something -- but a 45 pound Titanium Frame? At least it would be STRONG !

Addison said...

This is case where one with influence will legitimize the adversarial thinking of some, and endanger others. Too bad he cannot use his influence in a more positive way.
That said however, one must just consider the source.

Khal said...

Spare me the pronouncements of this overhyped gasbag.