Friday, June 4, 2010

Your Favorite Uncles - from the Bicycle Paper

Here's my latest deathless prose from the Pacific NW's Bicycle Paper. It's an offering of advice to new bicycle commuters - from their doting uncles Phil, Corey and Maynard.

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James Thurber said...

Excellent Article. As Uncle Jim from Mountain View would comment: Ride Fast, Take Chances but most important: Never Get Angry.

Smile and wave to the driver that cuts you off. Keep a positive mental attitude. When you see a driver texting don't call him / her a blithering idiot (even thou it's true). Just smile and hollar: "You're Busted!"

It's much more polite, somewhat fun, and always seems to work.

Meanwhile, I'll continue to take lanes and commute thru the midst of Rush Hour Hell. Around Palo Alto and other sites on our Peninsula cars aren't moving much during Rush Hour - it's safe to ride thru and about them while they're sitting in traffic burning the World's Body (gasoline).

And if you're feeling a bit lucky and you see the Freeway is clogged -- why not hop on for a mile or two, just to see what it's like on the Interstate when the driving world has come to a complete halt.

You'll be having fun. Drivers will note that you're actually getting someplace. And eventually more and more of us might begin to ride.