Thursday, June 17, 2010

Volvo offers free helmets for some European kids protect the kids from Volvos?

Here's the piece. Be sure to read the comments.


James Thurber said...

If the helmet is like most Volvo automobiles, it will fail in the middle of a ride . . . headed down the street . . . doing nothing extraordinary.

The bicycle rider will find himself / herself inexplicably driven to use a cell phone while riding.

This helmet will slow the bicycle rider down by at least 6 mph.

Ultimately, it will cause the bicycle rider to hit multitudes of squirrels and other small critters, perhaps even a skunk.

Khal said...

Volvo would make cycling safer if it installed an interlock that would stop the car anytime a cellphone or blackberry transmission signal was detected from the driver's location.

Anonymous said...

Haters! They are trying to do something that provides a social good, more than most people do on the day-to-day. If anything it is creating more awareness for the safety of our youth who have a skewed view of safety and what is cool anyways. Bravo Volvo.

Anonymous said...

Actually Khal you ain't no hater, you're a dang innovator, that is a fantastic idea. Something substantial needs to happen in the whole cellphone related traffic field... Failing to be focused in a world fill of distraction.