Friday, June 4, 2010

Hit/Run driver on rampage in San Francisco

From, here's the sad link.


philcycles said...

As of 4:30pm the driverhas been arrested but his name hasn't been released because he's being evaluated for medical reasons. They think he's nuts.
Phil Brown

James Thurber said...

Nuts? The guy is out of control nuts. If he is, in fact, the guy who did it the charges are major - attempted murder - assault with a deadly weapon - felony hit and run. The guy could spend the rest of his life at San Quentin.

BUT one small note: Was it the way that San Francisco bicycle riders behave that MIGHT have pushed him over the edge?

Are we not, in fact, our own worst enemy? Watching bikers in The City and up / down the Peninsula I'm pretty upset at the way many of us behave.

This should be interesting - to say the least. Fortunately all riders are expected to be OK and one didn't go to the hospital.

philcycles said...

Albert Eisentraut was interviewed on KTVU last night and among other things said that 2 of his sons were injured by a driver who ran a bunch of cyclists down about 15 years ago. He says that he doesn't want to make racing bikes any more because riders get hurt.
Phil Brown