Friday, June 11, 2010

More threats of bans

From the same British online magazine,, this time it's Iowa....


Khal said...

The Iowa story is more chilling. We have to fight back against this crap.

James Thurber said...

Just think, the Amish Country in Indiana or Pennsylvania could be set on banning bicycles. Can you ride faster then a horse 'n cart?

Personally I think we should ride wherever the heck we want to, stay as far to the right as possible, and if given a ticket - demand a jury trial.

Eventually we'll figure it out. The folks, who insist on burning the world's body, don't have a clue about the future.

Watch the newer version of "The Time Machine." In the year 2035, New York City has absolutely no automobiles - everyone is traveling about by foot, bicycle or public transportation.

Oregon "discovered" that bicycles CAN ride on the Interstate with no increase in accidents.

MOST accidents happen when bikers get on the (darn) sidewalks or ride against traffic. Pretend your a vehicle and our accident rate plummets to practical insignificance.

But, of course, tell that to the "gentlemen" who love their 12,500 pound, jacked up, 4 x 4 pickup trucks that cruise about at 90 mph plus in Texas. Then they throw beer bottles at us.

They're just bored.