Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mr. Colnago, Mr. Serotta, this is Mr Carter

Mack Carter is known as "the bicycle guy" around Iowa Park, TX, and no wonder.... From the Wichita Falls (home of the Hotter-n-Hell Hundred) TimesRecordNews.

"Carter has built more than 50 unique bicycles in the past seven years. When not building bikes, Carter is a Licensed Vocational Nurse, plays bass and sings in a band."

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James Thurber said...

This guy is incredible. I wonder what he eats / drinks that gives him such preposterous ideas?

The "Tall Bike" is gorgeous. Imagine crossing the United States (Northern Tier, naturally) on that bike and how people in North Dakota would react when they spotted you?

And think about the angry dog that ran out chasing you, intending to bike you on the calf. What would he / she get? Nothing but steel sir, nothing but steel.