Thursday, June 10, 2010

Remember this guy?

He's Stu Bikofsky, the Philadelphia columnist who wrote angrily about cycling scofflaws and new on-street bike lanes in Philly. Seems the local bicycling coalition has asked for donations - in his name. Maybe, as a few of the comments suggest, his ideas and theirs are not so different...

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James Thurber said...

I'm also very angry at cycling law breakers. We have packs of red light runners in Palo Alto and Portola Valley.

We have Stanford students who have taken a pledge never to use a head light in the dark . . . and they don't. During winter hours walking on the Stanford campus is incredibly dangerous.

We have stop sign runners galore. Everyone from Kindergartners to Anasazi Riders run Stop Signs. They mean . . . absolutely nothing.

Everyone rides on the sidewalk, usually the wrong way. I've come close to hitting bicycle riders at least a dozen times this year . . . ALL of them were ON the sidewalk on the WRONG side of the street. Most of them were easily 20 plus years of age.

Are we ALL stupid?