Monday, June 14, 2010

Sure enough, says the Huffington Post, Blackhawk has gone and done it!

Yup, the nervy slimeballs have banned cycling in Blackhawk, CO - not that anyone was excited about pedaling through there anyway. I wonder if casino employees canvassed their customers, typically Cadillac-driving high-roller lowlives, and the nice folks encouraged the ban.

Wouldn't surprise me. Or you, I'll bet.


Khal said...

That is a pretty dumb thing for a municipality to do. Do you figure there is any way to convince these folks to back off without them losing too much face?

James Thurber said...

Hate to inform Blackhawk . . . you cannot ban bicycles at the municipal level. The only people who can do that is the State and even that is pretty much restricted to interstate freeways and limited access bridges.

Go ahead and ride thru Blackhawk . . . it's a public road . . . and tell the citing officer that your name is . . . Elmer Fudd (you can make up an appropriate address)