Tuesday, June 15, 2010

From the WSJ! Scott Adams, Dilbert cartoonist, on investing

Adams advises us, in this hilarious piece, to invest in the companies we hate the most. The paragraphs on Apple are really funny - as is the rest of the piece. It's all really funny.

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James Thurber said...

Scott Adams and Steve Pastis (Pearls before Swine). . . both exceptional commentators.

Cartoonists? Sure, but constantly commenting on how "weird" society is, using the best sort of story telling with alligators, zebras, rats . . . and engineers.

If you truly hate BP and the other oil companies, I've got one question: Why are you driving a car?

And as much as I distrust / dislike the stock market - HDI stock (Harley Davidson) bought and paid for two college educations.