Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday morning 6/27 post reunion post

Hi all!
I've been to a breakfast and two dinners with my old classmates and had a terrific time. Please don't pass on your own reunion because it seems like too much trouble or you don't want to relive your old unsatisfactory high school experiences. I've been to two reunions, years apart, and both were richly worth the travel and tense anticipation. Go for it, as someone said. Lao Tsu? Can't recall....

The last few days have occupied my mind with things other than the usual. Although I rode my motorcycle to Indy for the reunion, I parked it and drove to the festivities so as not to walk in carrying my helmet, silently screaming Look at Me, I Rode Here. I haven't thought about cycling or motorcycling for days, but my head is spinning from accumulated brushes with old memories and old friends.

I'll be leaving for Denver this afternoon, trying to ride a couple of hundred miles so the following days are a little easier. It's hot and humid here; I hope the breeze on the road cools me. It was still 80 when we left the final reunion dinner last night at maybe 11. Denver has softened me up; I'm used to cool evenings.

I'll post when I get home, I promise. I'm sorry I've been uninspired to do so while I've been here, but as I mentioned, my mind's been elsewhere....


philcycles said...

This fall I have 2 reunions-grade scool and high school, both kinda different.
I went to a private grade school and it's our 50th. Since I'm from San Francisco, live across the Bay in Oakland and we tend to stick around The Bay Area there are lots of us coming out of a class of about 50. Plus we tended to stay in touch over the years. Plus there an alumni group for fund raising.
High school is different. I went to a small military academy in San Rafael, north of San Francisco, that no longer exists. Each grade was small, about 30, and the school closed about 40 years ago. So we're having a school reunion. Classmates and Facebook have been essential in gathering people for the reunion. It should be interesting.
Phil Brown

James Thurber said...

Fair Winds and Following Seas . . . welcome home