Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Slow Bicycle Society

Here, from their web site, is the manifesto of the SBS, an organization evidently well supplied with sense of humor. Please read the short intro, then scroll past the unreadable green (in color) section, and read the text below. It's fun - and each statement is backed by solid research...well, maybe.

I suppose the anti-Lycra bias is inevitable in these sorts of statements, but Lycra clothing is no longer a reliable predictor of cyclist haste and irresponsibility, cough cough. The final statement, about a Slow Children Playing sign, is priceless.

Thanks once again to Mark M, who steered us toward Chris Johnson and thence to the SBS, quite probably the only recumbent-focused web site I'll visit today. Hey, I don't need a recumbent; I can ride plenty slow on my wedgie, as I demonstrate nearly every time I roll out.

Added later: Here's a link to what appears to be another slow cycling site, the Slow Bicycle Movement, supplied as clarification of their intent by the remarkable Mark M.


Jim said...

Buy a recumbent? Just do it? Wow.

The older you get, the slower you get . . . we hope.

Excellent site

philcycles said...

Well, I got another thing about older. Anybody designing a web site with white type on a pale green background doesn't have my eyes.
Thank God.
Phil Brown