Tuesday, March 30, 2010

David Brooks in the NY Times: Would you take the Sandra Bullock deal?

A - She won the Academy Award; B - she found out in the most public way that her husband's a creep. Turns out, Brooks says, Oscar winners live four years longer than nominees who don't win, and make more money for years and years. Would you take that deal?

Fascinating column about love and money, I'd say.


Larry and Heather said...

This is self-serving of course but we often ask the question "when you look back on your life will you remember the things your bought or the things you DID?" Our tours cost far less than the most expensive carbon-fiber bicycle you can buy but we're amazed at how many folks buy one of those and ride around the same old roads they cover all year when they could spend less money to come over and ride with us in Italy. We believe THAT's the key to happiness!

David said...

Somehow working "Sandra Bullock" into the headline is pure link bait. The "deal" or "trade" implies that Sandra Bullock's success has something to do with the failure of her marriage. That's a bunch of BS and makes reading the rest of the piece, despite the valid research, difficult to do. If the author felt the need to dupe me into reading his piece in the first place, where else will he be dishing out the nonsense.

Anyway, I agree with Larry and Heather. Experiences, not things, offer the greatest happiness and value.