Friday, March 12, 2010

Is this guy upset about something...?

Here, from SFGate, is Harmon Leon, who calls himself the Infiltrator, meaning I think a guy who tears the tips off cigarettes. He's been watching the new breed of urban cyclist, and he must be a critical kinda guy, 'cause he goes off on those dudes like a roman candle. Calls 'em jerks, no kidding.

Chill, Harmon, okay?

Added later: Don't miss Earle's comment (to my post) and the many comments by SFGate readers.


Earle said...

I may have to hang up yet another fixed-gear bike, because after 30 odd years of riding fixed, I'm yet again not cool enough to be doing it.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who uses "bike" as a verb and writes "peddling" when they man pedaling is a moron anyway, so who cares what they write or think?