Saturday, March 6, 2010

Link to my latest Bicycle Paper piece

I've been contributing to the Pacific Northwest free bicycle pub, the Bicycle Paper, for what must be 15 years, give or take. I've written about all sorts of things for the BP in that time. This piece, written last fall, is about a guy with a rich fantasy life...

The BP is circulated in OR, WA and ID...and read by industry heavies elsewhere. I've been proud to be associated. Oh, the drawing is part of a David Brinton VeloNews cartoon that accompanied a piece about my father and me.

If you click on Archives at the top of the page, you can access old BP editions. In each you will find 1,000 words of my deathless masterpiece prose, handbuilt as the saying goes today, each word as carefully crafted and positioned as a Toyota gas pedal.


Anonymous said...

Dayem! That same guy passed me yesterday on the way to Danville Peet's. He must be a Hammer!

It's a sure sign of something. Not even a nod or a glance.

I could understand it if there were just 100's of wankers to pass, and even then the "on yer left hoser!", would be appropriate.

Oh well. It just means that if they flat or, God forbid, crash, I don't have to acknowledge them either.

B. Wally

David S said...

Since Winning Magazine days, I've enjoyed the experience of reaching for, opening, and turning to the inside back cover to begin my reading of the latest cycling news.

There was something about having to wait for the next issue after finishing the current one. I knew within a day or two when the next issue would arrive in the mail box.

But it's not just the physical, printed magazine. I can still get a hold of Velonews and Road Magazine etc. on the newstand.

I realize now, long before I knew Maynard, I looked forward to starting my reading At The Back. I enjoyed the engaging, poignant, thought provoking, humorous, well written stories.

These days of course, I have the rarely updated Bicycle Paper RSS feed sitting in my browser toolbar along with other digital feeds from various cycling and other sources.

I often think, "Gee, The Bicycle Paper really needs to get with the program- more frequent updates like all the other publications." I notice my "BUT, I WANT IT NOW" frustration.

The other day I wandered into Montlake Bicycle shop to look at the new Fisher road bikes and noticed the latest issue of The Bicycle Paper in all it's ink infused cellulose glory sitting on the counter.

I instinctively reached out, grabbed the paper, unfolded it and without skipping a beat turned directly to the inside back cover.

I hope The Bicycle Paper can hang on to their printed version. I think I'll delete their RSS feed and just enjoy the sense of anticipation for the next published offering. I'll look forward to visiting the shop and sense of surprise when the new issue is displayed. Enjoy reaching out and instinctively finding that back page.

And, whatever the topic, enjoy reading Maynard's writing.

Thanks- The Bicycle Paper.

Thanks Dude!


Steve B said...


I had the pleasure of watching a guy do that recently,(In the usuall all black honda the type seems to favor), only the exit ramp was short and curved and he couldn't stop in time, so he broke his front wheel off hitting the curb, stopping just before hitting the car in front. Sometimes Darwin works!!