Wednesday, March 31, 2010

From VN's interview with Peter Stetina re: Descending

Years ago, after riding in Jim Ochowicz's car at the Giro, I realized (and wrote) that even if I could climb like Andy Hampsten and sprint like Tyler Farrar and roll like Ron Kiefel, I would not be able to hang with a pack of top Euro pros - because no way can I descend the way they do.

Peter Stetina, surely a future star and the son and nephew of stars, had the same experience:

VN: Everything is ahead of you now – what’s been the biggest surprise so far?

PS: The descents. The other day in training, I was just surfing this descent, leaning into the curves, just cruising along. Christian (Vande Velde) just comes blowing by me like a cannonball. I hopped on his wheel and I was half-chattering my wheel around some corners and was gritting my teeth to get down it.

At the bottom, I said, “dude, you flew down that thing!”

He said, “no man, I am not a good descender. I am one of the bad ones in the Tour.”

I said, whoa, I am screwed! It’s the downhills. I just have to get so good in the climbing that I don’t have to worry about the downhills (laughs). I thought I was pretty good on the descents. I hear stories, that Cancellara is unbelievable. Hopefully, I will get to witness that. You have to put that fear out of your mind, get on their wheel and maybe you will learn something.

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