Saturday, February 6, 2010

VeloNews says Eddy's health is good since cancer fight! Cancer fight...?

I'm super pleased to hear that Eddy Merckx is doing well since his bout with intestinal cancer a few years ago. He got well without my best wishes for his recovery - because I never knew he was ill!

Did everyone know but me? I thought he was back on his bike and that's why he lost all that weight....

Thanks to David S and, we learn that Eddy did not have cancer after all, just a stomach ailment that runs in his family. Here's the item.

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Larry and Heather said...

They did a good job squelching rumors about Eddy's health when he appeared so gaunt awhile back. We all thought he'd started riding more and eating less just like we all desire to. But instead he's been fighting illness. I read somewhere how he can no longer drink champagne and white wine - nothing was said about red wines! Glad to see him back to good health even if he looks a bit heavier - he's not racing anymore so why try to look like it?