Friday, February 26, 2010

A book review...from

Unrelated to the usual subject here, this book review and interview with the authors looks at the costs to societies worldwide of gross imbalances in money. It seems the nations with the greatest economic divisions suffer.... Read the review and see for yourself.

By the way, the reviewer/interviewer feels she has to explain the book's title, The Spirit Level.

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Jim said...

Great review. I don't consider America the " . . . greatest country on Earth . . ." but I do consider Earth the greatest planet in the (known) Solar System).

Jupiter sucks eggs, Mars is bad news, Venus is too hot and don't get me started about Mercury. My students laugh about Uranus (and it is pronounced 'Your Anus') but it's just a big ball of gas and . . . that usually causes more laughter. Keep me far away from those pesky Uranus people (aka: gas monkeys).

THINK what our planet would be like if everyone embraced the "Sharing is Caring" philosophy. Got extra cash (most of us do) ? Give it away. Sponsor folks. Pay for a college education for a poor family. Contribute to folks who feed others. You get the idea.

Bill Gates has started doing that. Larry Ellison does too but not nearly to the (media) extent.

Meanwhile, I've got some Neptune Nerds in my yard I've gotta get rid of.