Friday, February 12, 2010

Read the article and Don't Forget to Vote!

Here's the piece. A teenage kid in England repeatedly tried to run a cyclist down (or off the road). The lad chose the wrong cyclist....


Khal said...

Suspended sentence? Dang. Too bad those UK cops don't carry. This guy deserved a whiff of lead.

I wrote a note on my blog regarding the misdirected attention Toyota is getting over its accelerator pedals, when the real problem we see on the roads are the loose nuts installed behind the steering wheels.

Jim said...

If a driver uses his car as a deadly weapon is it OK to defend yourself? Reasonably, of course. Does this include dancing on the hood or the roof? Sure.

MOST of the time (in the United States) if somebody tries this sort of thing it's charged as " . . . assault with a deadly weapon." The majority of U.S. judges would absolutely award jail time (probably not prison, however) and the civil suit that would follow would be pretty substantial.

But if one has the chance to defend oneself, why please, be my guest!