Thursday, February 11, 2010

Brendan and Tony - nearing Phoenix!

If you have so far resisted the links I have provided to my buddy Brendan's trip blog, Just Another Bike Ride Across America, here's your opportunity: Join Brendan and Tony as they pedal across This Great Land. Today, they are in Arizona, west of Phoenix, rolling silently past thousands of discarded bottles of pee and at least one rabbit of unusual size.

How 'bout a contest? Estimate the number of foreclosed dwellings Brendan and Tony will ride by on their way across Phoenix and environs, and win an acre of pristine desert (plenty of room for that pool!) 65 miles from the nearest workplace, a meth lab. Plus an F250 Harley-Davidson Edition for your commute. Don't forget the sunscreen!

1 comment:

Earle said...

Maynard, methinks you exaggerate one part of your rant. I'm not sure there is anywhere in the United States that is 65 miles from the nearest meth lab.