Monday, February 15, 2010

Response to Cramps' comment

In a comment, Cramps said that he'd noted the mention of a "Lake Merritt Velodrome" in the text accompanying the Oldest US Roadracing Photo of a few posts back. I failed to notice that mention but it would have triggered NO memory at all, Cramps. I never heard anyone mention an old track in Oakland.

By the way, your comments come to me via email but are unreturnable, so I have to respond via a blog post.

Lake Merritt Velodrome. You wonder if every US village and town had a bicycle racing track back when. Imagine....

Added later: Please don't miss Mark Walsh's comment to this post!


Mark Walsh said...

Maynard, you probably recall Red's Cyclery that became College Avenue Cyclery in the 1970s. It was owned by a family who name's spelling I can only guess: Bachagalupe (Pete Rich can clue us in). They had their grampa's "track irons" on display, and hidden away were the scrapbooks.

I remember being impressed by the scrapbook's newspaper clippings from the 1920s that showed a wood track inside the Oakland Auditorium (which is at the south end of Lake Merritt). The pictures showed that the place was packed, and one article stated that a number of competitors had to be carried away due to the amount of cigarette smoke.

Mark Walsh said...

And like Columbo says, "Oh, just one more thing!" The elder Murphy Sabatino had a portable track that he moved around to various Bay Area venues. It is quite possible that he was involved in the event at the upper left:

Jim Manning's scrapbook is online with all sorts of fun stuff:

More at:

オテモヤン said...
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Cigo said...

Mark- great links- thanks for the info.