Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stand up while you read this!

Here's an interesting piece from the NY Times that maintains that if you exercise for a couple of hours - and then sit at work or at your home computer for the rest of the day, the sitting will undo much of the good the exercise did for you.

Only just today, my buddy Phil and I wondered what we used to do in the days before personal computers to waste all the time we now fritter away at our desktops. Hours and hours....doing ourselves no good at all, if Olivia Judson is right. Well worth reading - standing up!

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Jim Feeley said...

I have two work desks. One sitting, one standing. Because of the nature of my work, I have multiple computers, so I spend part of the day at each desk. Working at the standing desk is surprisingly productive, and I feel quite engaged in the work. I also have a stool at that desk, but don't use it much.

You can also get desks with lifts that, depending on the model, let you adjust from a sitting or standing height either manually or automatically. IKEA has such a powered desk.

I feel much more refreshed, and long days feel less long since I started working with a standing desk a few years ago...

Give it a try.