Wednesday, February 24, 2010

New Giro "Section" Helmet

Because I am old and fail to "get" many things that are new, and despite my resolve to go easy on the New Urban Cyclist in articles and blog posts, I could not resist showing you this photo.

It's the new Giro Section helmet in brown "leather-effect," the faux hide treatment intended to evoke some sepia-toned era that is gone but lingers in the minds of 22-year old luggies.

It's a Giro so we can figure that it's not cheap. The article included a photo of the helmet upside down, and it looks marginally protective, not that potential buyers care - as they have so richly demonstrated.

The new Giro Section will surely be hot in summer and ugly all year 'round.

I'm done now. I'll go back to listening to Fats Domino on vinyl.

Added post comment: Perhaps, if I have time this evening, I'll try to grow up. If I do grow up, that new Giro Section may become an object of beauty. Maybe. Maybe not.


Anonymous said...

I didn't see a pic of the lid upside down, but know enough to know it's about getting something on a cool kid's head. Did you wear a helmet way back in the stone age, Barney Rubble? I believe it's you who needs to grown up, Maynard.

cyclotourist said...

Ohhhh, an anonymous comment on a blog... who exactly needs to grow up?

Anonymous said...

Feh! I'm still wearing my M. Pantani pirate scarf. The rest of you can suck eggs.

I guess if the market is tweeners, they may have something to sell. [If it can handle stickers, with skulls and daggers, then maybe there's a market]. But if it's the twenty-somethings on the fixies, well, good luck.


B. Wally

Anonymous said...

My name is Jim and I don't blog or cross-link to friend's blogs and defend my friends in this virtual world. Did you have something constructive to say cyclotourist? Since Maynard isn't the target audience, and since he opened himself up to the public with this entry it's his decision to allow my comment or not. Thank you for your insightful comment.

cyclotourist said...

He's my best friend forever on the internet.

Speaking of constructive things to say, Fred Flintstone worked in a quarry.