Monday, November 9, 2009

Thanks, John!

Hiya John!

I read the review and found the movie company web site, then went to Netflix where there is no sign of "Cafe Society" the movie. But I'll be looking for it for sure. I think it'd be perfect for a wintertime evening showing at our local Triumph and Euro motorcycle shop. Thanks a ton for the heads-up!


John said...

No Problem. I would like to see it too. If I hear anymore about it or where to get it, I'll pass it along.

Take care.

David S said...

In case this helps. Found on Amazon.

David S said...

Wait, don't you know someone at the local library that could find that for you?

addison said...

maynard, the ace cafe london website has stuff in the online store that might just be what you are looking for:
their website as a whole is a place to get lost for hours