Thursday, November 26, 2009

Bike paths....or mixing it up with the cars? In Dallas, that is the question

This is a long but always interesting article from the Dallas Observer. Dallas has been the most cycling-unfriendly city in the US but is trying to lift itself up. But how?

Just as an observation, has anyone polarized US cyclists more than John Forester? And has anyone reading this (or anyone known to anyone reading this) ever ridden a mile with the man?


Mark Manson said...

As a new resident of Dallas, I can see both sides of the coin. I ride in the older parts of the city and see no problem navigating the streets but I have years of riding experience. A newbie rider, whom I deal with on a daily basis, will be intimadated. There is a reason the Ride of Silence originated in Dallas. Cyclists here are much more recreational oriented (lycra) rather than transportation oriented (tweed). Lance thing, maybe? I agree w/ Jason Roberts on his belief of a livable city, and I can see this city striving for that. The Dallas Observer is somewhat of a shit-stirring weekly, aimed at the young, urban reader. Hence the photos of tattooed hipsters and bloody knees. Not that there's anything wrong w/ that.
BTW - I want to be your first Facebook friend.

Anonymous said...

Most places discourage cyclists from riding on sidewalks. I will now assume that that is because pedestrians are chicken, and have been neutered of their rights to "take the lane".

I've been knocked down by a vehicle. [A VW micro bus]. I have blown more than a few stop signs. I ride slow and deliberately on busy streets. And when it is in my best interests, I "take the lane".

I like the bike lanes, paths and dedicated bike routes of Portland, Boulder, and Berkeley. I don't see that I have any positives putting "my rights" in juxtaposition to a car or truck.

It's true that the paint on the asphalt is "just a suggestion" to most folks who drive. And more than once I've heard, "I didn't see you..." after a close call.

One last thought; I saw that vid with Lance and Co. on their fixies. They certainly took the lane. They should remember that the guns laws in Texas are on the side of the law and order folks.

B. Wally

Khal said...

John Forester is much better at writing than at advocacy, but frankly, Maynard, I blame the Paint N Path crew as much as I do Mr. Forester for reducing cyclists to shouting at each other.

Building bikeways does not solve the safety problem by itself. Most of the facilities I've seen built require some level of VC training to use without getting yourself hurt. Why can't these people work together rather than throwing torches and pitchforks at each other?