Tuesday, November 24, 2009

From Dave Moulton's blog: He's pissed too

Here's the link. Better expressed than my own rant about scofflaw cyclists, it's from Dave Moulton, author, frame-builder and clear-eyed observer of cycling's big picture.

Let's "stop handing them the stick" that they beat us with, he suggests.

Why do we fuel the fire of bike hatred? I'm going to publish this post and log off before I'm driven to abuse italics again. Hey, I can quit anytime....


Cramps said...

I completely agree with Dave that the collective is judged by the worst of us...What occurs to me is that the same person who wrote the bit about the 'liberal enablers' is fighting a different battle, that of the Teabagers, et al. This is a battle of tradition, sameness, or even, a retrograde myopathy versus the progressive, evolutionary, change-minded. So, in my estimation, it wont matter if we ALL respect the traffic laws (which we all SHOULD) because in the end, we are different. We aren't their 'tribe'. It's a short jump from outsider to animal, and from animal to roadkill.

David S said...

I had similar thoughts as Cramps today. The comment about "liberal enablers" stuck with me too.

And I have a bad feeling that the fight the Foxters are fighting will find any target their indignant radar leads them to.

So the Fixters inflame the Foxters and the rest of us ride with bulleyes on our backs. Great.

Oh, forgive me. As Dave's story points out, road riders are as inconsiderate as anyone else. It was just so fun putting fix and fox in the same sentence, I just couldn't help myself.