Sunday, November 15, 2009

From bustling Harrisburg, South Dakota

A guy from the Harrisburg SD area got hit and killed by a van while riding in Iowa. A sympathetic SD legislator has proposed a law mandating a three-foot clearance between motor vehicle and bike while passing. The hue and cry has gone up over this outrage. Read the piece and the comments.

And correct me if I'm wrong. Are the commenters saying, "Those sons-of-bitches make ME slow down! What nerve! They deserve what they get."

We're talking about good South Dakota citizens here, readers. Not those frenzied New Yorkers.


Anonymous said...

I live in Iowa where we have a 3-foot law. There was a movement to increase it to 6 feet recently. Still, cyclists get maimed or killed by motorists as this guy did. I think a "distracted driving" federal law would do much more for cyclist safety (not to mention other road users)than any safe passing distance requirement. As SD has no state income tax some of us in Iowa look at it as a "low tax, low service" state which naturally attracts greedy, selfish folks -- the kind uninterested in sharing "their" roads, no matter what.

Anonymous said...

In addition to having big fingers and a small keyboard on my i-phone, now I have to swerve for some Lycra wearing road hogs? Next thing your going to mandate I can't smoke within 10 feet of a public entrance. I want my country back.

B. Wally