Monday, November 23, 2009

As we watch, it goes from bad to worse in Philly

Here's a Stu Bykofsky editorial. If it isn't YOU who's upsetting guys like Bykofsky, and it isn't ME who's upsetting guys like Bykofsky, who is it? If it's the New Urban Cyclist, and I understand that the NUC fad is fading at long last, how many years will their scofflaw memory linger?

Many of us have ridden for years, decades. We never provoked a column like Bykofsky's.

Leave no trace? Uh-uh. Leave a slime trail, that's the program. Poison the well. And for what?

Riding a bicycle on the sidewalk or running red lights or riding-to-provoke and attract notice is no different from riding an illegally loud motorcycle or doing a 100mph wheelie down the interstate. It's anti-social behavior - to no good purpose. It's tin-horn, cheap, adolescent theatrics.

"Green" defenses of obnoxious urban cyclists don't hold up to scrutiny any better than "loud pipes save lives" arguments. Both behaviors are about attention and attitude. They're all about me. Look at me, get mad at me, hate me....but don't you dare ignore me. I'm what's happening.

Note to readers: Evidently, when I get upset I resort to italics. No more italics today, I promise.


Khal said...

What is that old expression? Beware of what you wish might get it.

Mark Manson said...

italics save lives.