Friday, November 27, 2009

Evenhanded Examiner piece about cycling and road safety

Here's an piece (written by Meredith Sladek) about a series of similar bike/car accidents on Long Island in NY State. Avoiding outrage, Sladek,'s NY bicycle transportation contributor, tells the story in a balanced manner. She finds no stones ready-to-hand and convenient for throwing - as I no-doubt would've. Not a happy piece but a well presented one.

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Khal said...

I lived in Stony Brook and Port Jefferson, N.Y. for ten years while at SUNY. There were a lot of busy, big, fast roads twenty years ago. Undoubtedly worse now.

NY 347 is the main, 55 mph route that runs through the northern portion of Eastern Long Island above the Long Island Expressway. Terry Road is near Smithtown, meaning lots of heavy commuter and shopping traffic. Generally, I tried to stay off of roads like these if only because there were (at the time) quieter ways to get from campus to the various grad student houses I inhabited during my stay there.

If one wanted to go for a bike ride, or for that matter a motorcycle ride, one generally pointed the bike East of Stony Brook (or stayed on the small, old roads along the north shore). Eastern Long Island was a fantastic place to bicycle and motorcycle and I did some of my highest mileage bicycling years out there. But one had to ride with one's eyes open and wits about them on the main roads. Its busy out there.