Saturday, November 7, 2009

Greg and Kathy and Lance and Kristin and Trek

From the NY Daily, here's a kinda long but quite interesting article about Greg's finger-pointing at Lance, Trek's shutting down LeMond Cycles, lawyers and depositions and court appearances.... All the dirt.

There's a nice photo of Greg, and one of Greg and Kathy. Hasn't always been easy to be Kathy LeMond, but she's held up well, doncha think? And she's standin' by her man even now.

Greg'll be 50 before we know it, and his life has not been smooth sailing, huh? Still, he looks pretty good, I'd say. I know both those guys a little, Lance and Greg, and I've always trusted Greg. I hope he's wrong about Lance. I don't want Greg to be wrong - but I desperately want Lance to be clean.


David S said...

Think Lance will run for Congressman, Senator, Governor or will he just head for the big office directly? What do ya' think, 10 years or so?

Anonymous said...

LA could easily become governor of Texas, just look at who runs the state now! President? God help us! GL has more class in his little toe than LA has in his entire body. It's interesting that the big blowup happened only after old-man Burke bit the dust -- it looks like he was barely cold in the grave before sonny-boy decided to once-and-for-all get rid of Trek's "pain in the bank account" LeMond. Trek's been a bully in the biz for a long time, it's only gotten worse with sonny-boy at the helm. I owned a couple of Treks pre-Lance but never again!

John said...

Hello Maynard,
I wish these two could burry hatchet somehow. Like you, I hope that Lance is clean and for that matter Greg was clean also.

On a completly different matter, I came across a this little article on "cafe-racer culture" I thought you might like.