Saturday, September 5, 2009

A terrific NY Times audio slide show

Hi all!

I'm back from my trip, home safe, and I'll tell you all about it soon. Here meanwhile is a slide show from the NY Times featuring a woman in NY City who drives a 1971 Fiat 500.... Wonderful!


David S said...

viva la micchina cinquecento.

David S said...

Oh man, I meant macchina. geez.

Anonymous said...

CIAO! I couldn't stop smiling watching this clip. There are zillions of editions "Topolino" happily buzzing around Italy even today. There are more than a few clubs devoted to preserving them though they are far from a novelty--you see original, beat-up versions everyone being used every day as well as the restored classics and hopped-up ABARTH versions with their decklids propped open for improved cooling. If Fiat/Chrysler brings the new version of the 500 to the US we'll buy one!