Monday, August 24, 2009

Monroe Shock Absorbers "Save the Squirrels" Campaign

I'm of two minds about this. I love this ad. If you have to pitch your product, this is about as cute a way as can be imagined. Tamar and I love squirrels so we're sympathetic....and these squirrels are adorable, if you can hear that from a buff, macho straight guy like me.

On the other hand, why wouldn't Monroe suggest that you buy new shocks at 50,000 miles so your car will be more maneuverable and stop better - so you can avoid hitting one of those cute cyclists? Or motorcyclists?

Squirrels are cute, no doubt. Monroe's squirrels are super cute. But squirrels don't have a monopoly on cute.... People can be cute too.

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David S said...

People might be inclined to leave their cars in poor working order thinking they might get lucky next time they come across a cyclist. "Gee judge, must've been my poor shocks. I'll get right on that. I promise."
Monroe knows their customers.