Monday, August 24, 2009

Blogger sees the errors of his ways....

As I've learned and as you will learn in the comments to my last post, the rant about cell phone "service providers," I was not treating my phone's battery properly. I am sure I shortened its service life.

In treating that battery so callously, I played right into the hands of T-Mobile, who have never wasted an opportunity, no matter what my phone complaint may have been, to upgrade me as a solution, charge me more per month and extend my iron-clad contract.

I chose T-Mobile because they sponsored a fine cycling team. I am sure that the other "providers" do business in the same slimy manner, but I'd have to pay T-Mobile serious money to find out for myself. I'd hate to pay them good money for permission to jump from the cell service frying pan into the cell service fire.

I've found a cheap online source for batteries. I promise I'll be better to the next one.

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