Saturday, August 1, 2009

The NY Times' Gail Collins on gun legislation: Have Gun, Will Travel

Because I'm a shooter, I'm posting this link to Gail Collins' remarkably funny, even-handed piece about firearms concealed-carry laws. I do this with some trepidation. It's a great piece and worth the few minutes it'll take to read it.

It is not incendiary, I'm happy to say, but it's not kind to Plaxico Burress or South Dakotans who insist that arming strolling tourists would bring SD-style safety to Central Park.

I do not carry. I think of myself as a shooting sportsman. I have no wish whatever to turn my blog into a Second Amendment forum. There are plenty of those already. Feel free to comment, but post civilized comments or post elsewhere. Thank you.


Addison said...

Well over many years I never knew you to be a shooter, or shooting sportsman.............which I am too.Have what I could for gun safety by raising four kids to understand, respect, and participate in shooting sports.And with permission from parents, done same for other young people. I have time at a range often to be as rewarding as time on a bike in terms of taking a break from the hussle and bustle of life. Our sports "hero" Mr Burress did not act wisely and is paying the price. We do have wide and strange collection of laws in this country regarding gun use and ownership, can get very confusing. Some basic guidelines might be helpful.
Biathlons on bikes, urban setting, fixed gears......full auto??????

Anonymous said...

A person who wants to own some sort of rifle for hunting or to have "fun" shooting at targets as a skill test doesn't bother me much at all. What I have a tough time understanding is the handgun argument. These things are fairly useless for hunting anything but VERY useful for killing other human beings. I think only cops should have them. The right to bear "arms" doesn't really specify exactly what an "arm" is, does it? For obvious reasons we prohibit ordinary folks from having F-16 fighter jets, tanks with functional turrets, hand grenades, etc. Handguns and automatic weapons ought to be added to this category while allowing ordinary folks (after background checks to exclude felons and the like)to own genuine hunting firearms. John Thune is nothing but a Bush stooge inserted into the Senate after the right-wingers targeted Tom Daschle for destruction, his comments about Central Park reflect those "gut feelings" our former president was so famous for, rather than any facts as the article pointed out.

cyclotourist said...

Perfect timing as this was a recent posting at Wonkette.

workingdog said...

Hey, Maynard: What kind of a blog is this? You publish an opinion piece on guns, and you get only three responses? WTF?

cyclotourist said...

Yeah, WTF. And I for one demand proof of a birth certificate!