Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Movies and the news from Ogden

I like movies that have at least one good guy in them, one character minimum with whom you can identify, maybe even like. Here's a news item from the Deseret News in Ogden UT. No one in it to like.

Gun to my head, I sympathize with the woman motorist. Who'd have thought that a buncha cyclists would act so badly that I felt sorry for a driver...?


Anonymous said...

Isn't that ironic. Cyclists waiting for stragglers. I think they need to ride the weekend morning ride from Sproul. That'll learn 'em.

And holding up traffic and pissing off motorists? Pikers all of them.

I'm in Berkeley now. Rode out to Danville Peet's on Sunday. [Caution; the following is an Old Fart Anecdote]. Twenty years ago, [warning, last chance, O.F.A. ahead], if you saw another cyclist, you probably knew them. That Sunday the Peet's alfresco area looked like a century ride rest stop. Bikes everywhere. If we didn't see 300 riders coming and going on our little jaunt, we didn't see anyone. Average age: Grey hair.

Prescient prediction: Carbon fiber loosing traction.

B. Wally

philcycles said...

Ah, yes, the ride from Sproul. Does the phrase "Take No Prisoners" mean anything to you? That ride was the purest expression of Cycling Darwinism I ever experienced. There was much to fear on that ride, not the least the drag up San Pablo Dam Road. God help you if you lost the draft. You were toast.
I don't know if the ride still exists-I'm now in North Oakland so it would be physically possible for me to find out-but I doubt I'd last 3 blocks. But in the old days the guys on that ride rode things like the Worlds and the Olympics so at least you had a good excuse for being dropped. Or at least I did.
Phil Brown

Anonymous said...

I believe Critical Mass causes more motorists to hate cyclists than any other ride or event. Why get out there and antagonize folks in huge Chevrolet "Subdivisions" who can kill you without even spilling their Fourbuck's coffee-flavored milk shake? As to the other comments, I'd bet there's a "Saturday Morning World Championship" ride in most places large enough to have a lot of road riders, most of whom are too wimpy to pin on a number and actually RACE!