Friday, September 18, 2009

It was better back when, part two

Here's a NY Times article and, if you're still skeptical, a video, featuring a 2009 Chevy Malibu and a 1957 Chevy BelAir hitting head-on. The video is a bit creepy: Dummies flopping in the cars and the collision repeated again and again as seen by various cameras inside and outside of the cars.

It's creepy - but it's convincing. Check it out.... It was made by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. I trust those people the way I trust big oil. Don't you? Hard to fake this film though, I'd say, and not much to be gained by scaring folks out of their old Chevys. Right?


Anonymous said...

All those folks in Cuba still driving these old cars need to be concerned! Cars like this should have serious tax/fees placed on them when it comes to license plates. That way the well-off car show enthusiasts can keep 'em for their occasional use while the average person will have a real economic incentive to replace 'em with something safer and more kind to the environment.

Earle said...

Not that it would have made a lot of difference, but if you really looked for them, you could get seat belts for a '59. My mother was a huge believer in them, from very early on. When we bought a new '55 Ford, its first stop was the Mickey Thompson Speed Shop for seat belts front and rear.
But the way the car just imploded in the video is really scary. Makes me want to replace everything I drive, including my Litespeed, with a Hummer!!!